Boston – Supporting entrepreneurship in a highly academic environment

The Boston start-up ecosystem is one of the most well educated and balanced high-tech start-up clusters in the world. But in comparison, the Boston area is less known as a major start-up ecosystem than other start-up ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, as it is not leading in the consumer Internet industry. Also, the diversity of the clusters in Boston has made storytelling more diffuse. Nevertheless, the Boston start-up ecosystem generates several clusters with multi-hundred dollar- or over- exits and hundreds of millions in both software, life sciences, robotics and materials industries. This spring, the Climate-KIC Innovation Scout program conducted a study to reveal Boston’s  best practices and interesting support models for high-tech start-ups, focusing on the role of universities in supporting start-ups.

For this study, a total of 42 interviews were conducted among entrepreneurs, universities, incubators, accelerator programs, government programs and investors in the Boston start-up ecosystem.

The following conclusions were drawn:

  • A culture of “paying it forward” among entrepreneurs and supportive organizations is fundamental to the support of entrepreneurship.
  • Diverse and stage-related entrepreneurship support contributes to a balanced and inspirational start-up ecosystem.
  • Universities and start-ups naturally have the incentives to sustainably collaborate.
  • Universities can promote entrepreneurship as a career path.
  • Teaching entrepreneurship demands an “action-based” approach.
  • Ownership, leadership and engagement lead to successful collaboration.
  • Universities can be excellent piloting sites for new technologies and products.


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Climate-KIC report Boston

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