Incubators & accelerator programs: do they really matter?

Recently started, Chris Eveleens has set out to research the impact of incubators and accelerators and the role of networks of start-ups. Incubators stimulate the start-up of new firms by offering value-adding facilities and services to the entrepreneur. However, the effectiveness of incubators in increasing the performance of start-ups is debated and conclusive evidence is lacking. His PhD project aims to address this by first reviewing the current state of the literature with respect to the theoretical and conceptual foundations of the incubator and the incubation concept. Also, it will analyse the role of network capabilities of clean-tech entrepreneurs and networks of clean-tech start-ups in their performance and the impact that incubation programs have on these capabilities and networks. Finally, this project will quantitatively assess the factors that determine the overall impact of incubation programs on start-up performance.

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