Start-up funding: The (mis)alignment of financiers and start-ups in The Netherlands

We all know that entrepreneurs are important for economic development. However, sufficient capital needs to flow towards high-risk entrepreneurial activities to create rapid entrepreneurial growth. And let it be this, the access to entrepreneurial finance, that was rated as the poorest condition for the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem (GEM, 2013).

The study  Start-up funding: The (mis)alignment of financiers and start-ups in The Netherlands sets out to identify barriers to the alignment of supply and demand of capital for high technology start-ups.The report is based on a case study among 22 financiers (including large VC funds, public VC’s, angel investors, family offices and banks) and 23 entrepreneurs from 4 industries (high tech systems, ICT, LS and clean tech). It elaborates upon the financing landscape and the preferences of financiers within this landscape and analyses the barriers that emerge when different types of financiers and entrepreneurs are trying to do business. Finally, the report presents  an alternative financing instrument.

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Scout Report Startup Funding



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